Finishing Touch – 8×10 Ceramic Tile

$49.95 $39.95

Glossy 8×10 Ceramic tile with easel back.

Sitting alone on moss-covered stone, the hunter attaches a stone point to an arrow shaft.  On other days he has sharpened and thinned the stone point by an ancient method learned through many generations, flint knapping.

Dressed in a linen shirt over his breechcloth, he has a woven bag perhaps filled with more stone points and deer sinew for the unfinished arrow shafts lying on the ground. The hunter is winding sinew through the notches in the stone point and secures it to the shaft. One unfinished arrow shaft has the turkey feather already tied on to guide straight flight.

By the look of the hunter’s deerskin leggings with red leg ties and his deerskin moccasins, his arrows have flown straight to the targeted game. That was the reward of his Finishing Touch.