Doug Hall

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Eastern Woodland Indian Paintings | French & Indian War | Missouri Award-Winning Artist

Anthony Douglas Hall, age fifty seven, was drawn to oil painting in childhood being inspired by what he saw in Rembrandt and Vermeer. Simultaneously he was captivated by the lives of American history’s frontiersmen. This parallel dichotomy of interests led this rogue child to choose a trail ride from the Ozarks to Iowa instead of graduating from high school.

Actually living the frontier constancy along with his drive to paint made him part of nature: riding his horse, hunting and trapping, and shooting his black powder flint lock rifle. This is the foundational reason his paintings of Eastern Woodland Indians and 18th century frontiersmen are exact in their representation.

His personal experience and in-depth reading assures the owner of a Doug Hall that the painting on the wall is a chapter of American history not easily found or expressed. The elemental courage required to do what Doug has done invites the viewer into the lives of human experience of the 1700s.What makes one at home with his paintings and its people is the sunlight enveloping the scene. That light has connected humanity through the ages and it shines out of a Doug Hall canvas.

Doug’s work has received national recognition from History Meets the Arts, Gettysburg, PA, the Buffalo Bill Art Show, Cody, WY.  The C.M. Russell Museum Auction, Great Falls, MT, the Brinton Museum, Big Horn, WY, Altermann Gallery, Santa Fe, NM Gathering of Artists, Carthage, MO.