Doug Hall

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Eastern Woodland Indian Paintings | French & Indian War | Missouri Award-Winning Artist

Doug Hall has always lived in the hills and woods of Southwest Missouri. He grew up wanting to be a frontiersman. At age 15 he skipped school, talked his brother into driving him to Kentucky to buy a flint lock musket. He learned to hunt and trap. He couldn’t sit in a classroom but he could sit in the woods for hours.

He could also sit at an easel. He says he has no recollection of a time when he did not paint. His mother fostered this talent and cultivated it by providing books, oil paints, canvass and always an easel up in the house.

Finally he twigged onto the realization that he was meant to be a painter. He wanted his classroom to be filled with frontiersmen, explorers, hunters, trappers and Indians. There was only one way to achieve that: paint the world he wanted to live in. And that is what he has done.