Experience Fine Art With Doug Hall’s Limited Edition Giclee Prints

If you are a fan of Doug Hall’s frontier and Eastern Woodland Indian art, you can now make an online purchase of many of his original paintings, or you may choose a limited edition giclee print.

If you are wondering what a giclee is, and why you would want one, we’ve created this easy guide to giclee printing. Check it out below!

What is a Giclee?

This word is derived from France and is pronounced gee’clay. To put it simply, giclee is a printmaking process. To put it less simply, giclee is a high-quality scan of an original work of art, which is then printed using an inkjet printer.

Giclee prints retain the hues of the original painting, and printers have artists check color proofs before a print run. The inks used in this type of printing are lightfast and retain true for decades if they are kept out of the sun. At Doug Hall’s Art Gallery, prints are done on many different sizes of canvas (18” x 24”, 24” x 32”, or 30” x 40” are popular canvas sizes Doug has for sale). Canvas prints have the benefit of not creasing when we roll them and ship for mailing.

Why Should I Purchase a Giclee?

Even though a print might not appreciate in value like an original artwork, only the buyers with the deepest pockets can buy originals, a small market to be sure. We are passionate about reaching every western art enthusiast – which is why giclees are available at the log cabin art gallery and online.

Artist Doug Hall ensures that his giclee art prints are high resolution and that the printer is skilled and experienced, to ensure durable and high integrity artwork results.

Giclee art prints are high quality and reasonably priced solutions to small editioned reproductions of original artwork.

All of Doug’s giclee prints are customized in a limited edition- meaning only a small number of prints have ever been made for each piece of art.

Ready to Order Your Limited Edition Giclee Print?

Missouri Artist Doug Hall has been featured in the Charlie Russell Museum and Buffalo Bill Museum for his stunning paintings that depict the frontier life of Native Americans and frontiersmen.

We ship Doug’s original paintings and limited edition giclee prints all over the world and are especially busy working with clients in states like Montana, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. Order your Doug Hall art today online at www.doughallgallery.com.

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